I will work for you every step of the way! My combination of skill, experience, and technology ensures that I can sell your home for the highest possible price and in the shortest period of time. I have the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive, modern market.

My Unique Automated Internet Marketing System Online Presence: Available 24 hours a day!

My online marketing system allows me to make information accessible 24-hours a day, and to respond immediately and directly to each and every prospective buyer. From my website, prospective buyers can get information immediately about your home. They can access my site 24 hours a day and view your property listing! Through my Personal Home Search, your listing will be sent by e-mail to every prospective buyer in my database, where your home meets their criteria. Plus it will be e-mailed automatically to future prospective buyers as well.

Traditional Marketing

As soon as you list your home with me, I will enter your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. Other agents can immediately access your property information by computer. Plus, your property will be included in any printed MLS books. I also regularly publish in magazines and newspapers in the area and send out direct mail pieces to potential buyers.

Pricing Your Home

When you think about it, there are several other homes for sale competing with your home. I will help you price your home competitively to attract qualified buyers. The way I do this is by generating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, which will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area. You can complete my online form to get a feel for your home's market value.

Every Step Of The Way...

Remember, I will be working for you every step of the way to make sure that you get the highest possible price for your home in the shortest period of time.



59+ Point Marketing Plan:


  • High visibility property sign utilizing RE/MAX super-brand. RE/MAX has the most distinct and recognizable real estate sign in the World.
  • Professional photography to properly showcase your home and build buyer excitement!
  • Texting service and sign rider to help viewers driving by to get a glimpse of what your home has to offer and draw them in.
  • Texting service lead capture system to track interested buyers who text for information on your home; allowing us to follow up and help increase the likelihood of getting them in your home!
  • MLS listing to get your home in on the market and visible to potential buyers and, perhaps more importantly, their Realtors.
  • Collaborative property biography. Who knows your home better than you? Nobody! We would love your help putting together a property description of your home that will truly give buyers a sense of how good it felt to live in your home.
  • Comparative market analysis on your home to, not just get your home on the market but, get it in the market and get it SOLD!
  • Schedule your open house within the first 3 weeks of your listing to capture your buyer excitement.
  • Open house special invitation hour to your neighbours. That’s right, we want them there! They have a vested interest in who will buy your home and, after being inside, maybe they know of the right buyer.
  • Capital News open house advertisement. The old fashioned paper is still one of the most effective ways to get people out to view an open house. If it works, we’ll do it.
  • Open Home Pro open house system to properly identify buyers and their motivation. We want to separate the window shoppers from the real buyers so we can follow up and bring them back.
  • Promote your home to your neighbours… They’re sold on the neighbourhood and their friends usually are too.
  • Announcement of your listing at our weekly REMAX Kelowna sales meeting. REMAX Kelowna sells more than any other brokerage in town and 40% of our office sales are done ‘in-house’. This means your buyers Realtor is likely in our sales meeting!
  • REMAX Realtor tour. To properly expose your home to our agents. Nothing jogs an agent’s memory, of a buyer match, like walking through the right home.
  • Reverse Prospect to over 700 other local agents. There are 700 other agents licensed in our local real estate board. Many of these agents have numerous buyers. We have the technology to recognize which agents have buyers looking for your home and then we market to them directly.
  • Online classified advertisement through Castanet, Kijiji and Craigslist. Some buyers look here. Why would we risk missing an opportunity to reach them?
  • analytics. Did you know you can track the number of buyers and agents who are viewing your home online after it has been listed? We sure did! This information can give us an idea of how your home is ‘trending’ on the local market.
  •  Private agent web-pages. Of course we’re going to showcase your home on our webpages as well.,,,
  • property showcase. Our webpage allows for increased customization including video, large HD photography and blog posts to help drive activity to your home and effectively showcase it better than other webpages.
  • Create blog post on website to detail your home and leak it across the web.
  • Facebook your home.  Facebook, and social media in general, is the new way to share information and reach out to people in an easy and approachable manner. We want to make sure your home is out there for people to see and that it’s seen in a great way.
  • Facebook analytics. If you’re not familiar with Facebook analytics ask us and we’ll gladly show you how we can target people by age, gender, marital status, time they browse the internet… the list really does go on and on!
  • LinkdIn. We are in the business of networking with other local professionals. Not only could they be your buyer but, who knows, you might want to be their customer? We love helping people find the local trades and services they need.
  • Extensive network of local trades of services. We have each spent a lifetime in Kelowna. We know the area and the people. If you ever need referral to a good company nothing makes us happier than putting good people in touch with one another.
  • Capital News advertisement. While it’s not as effective as it once was it’s not worth dismissing altogether. We will get your home in the paper.
  • property advertisement. Aside from the MLS, is the second most viewed real estate webpage in Kelowna with over 150,000 unique visitors every month! Insurmountable resources and efforts from the REMAX brand are what makes this site so effective. No other brokerage, let alone agent, can compete with this presence. We don’t simply acknowledge this webpage and what it offers our clients, we celebrate it!
  • Database notification. Together we have 25 years real estate experience not only in Kelowna, but in our office. Our consistency and success has led to the development of a very extensive database of past, present and future clients. You bet we’ll be making sure anyone who is a match for your home will know about it.
  • Showing feedback within 24 hours. We know how stressful selling your home can be and how frustrating it can be when you don’t know how the showings are going. To help alleviate this for you we will get to great lengths to get you showing feedback within 24 hours. Not only does this help alleviate your stress but it also ensures we get feedback from the Realtor while your home is still fresh in their minds.
  • Buyer comment cards. What better way to get real showing feedback than from the actual buyer who looked at your home. It’s a simple idea missed by many but why not leave out some comment cards for the buyers to quickly fill out? We do just that! And they’ll be waiting for you when you get home!
  • Showing preparation. If you are out of town or if you just want a set of professional eyes on your home before a buyer showing we are always prepared to do a personal walk-through of your home to make sure it is properly staged and prepared for your buyers viewing. This is the quality and commitment of service we provide to all our clients.
  • Weekly written market updates. Here is the deal: it’s your home to sell; it’s our job to help you sell it. In order to help you sell it you need to know what is going on. We will keep you informed of any pertinent information or changes in the market that could affect the sale of your home.
  • Automatic updating of neighbourhood changes. Not only will we be providing you with weekly market updates but we will automatically provide you with any new listings or sales, in your immediate area, so you truly have an understanding of what is happening in the market without having to waste your precious time filtering through!
  • Telling you what you need to hear; not necessarily what you want to hear. Honesty is always the best policy. You are hiring us to help you get your home sold and that is exactly what we will do for you. Sometimes this means providing you with hard truths but, quite often, avoiding the hard truths is more damaging than facing them. We will always look out for your best interests.
  • DropBox file sharing. We’re an open book when it comes to selling your home. We are more than happy to share our DropBox file on your home with you so you can have access to all your files at your leisure.
  • Showing feedback form. Speaking of ease of access. We have incorporated a simple showing feedback form which will always be up-to-date and accessible in your DropBox folder. Just in case you wanted a refresher.
  • Realtor follow-up. Sometimes buyers realize they had unrealistic expectations on the home they wanted to buy. We want to make sure that if there was any interest from an agents buyers that we keep in touch with them until they buy a place or your home sells.
  • Direct buyer marketing flyer. A lifetime of experience in Kelowna really helps you to understand the subtleties of the neighbourhoods and where home owners tend to migrate to and from. Using this information we target directly to demographics and areas in Kelowna we would be likely to see your buyers coming from.
  • Regular social media updating. We have incorporated social media into our regular schedule to help ensure we are driving traffic as effectively as possible to the places we want it to go… like your homes webpage. It’s not worth mentioning we’re on social media if we’re only on there sporadically.
  • Lead Street* buyer lead generator. REMAX has been so kind as to provide us with our own buyer lead generator. This generator helps capture, out of the 150,000 unique monthly viewers, the buyers who are interested in your home. Again, we make sure to utilize this software!
  • Floor lead generator. As full time agents at REMAX Kelowna we are happy to partake in our office’s floor shift schedule. We take calls from all types of buyers who are curious about the market and where else would we rather point them than to one of our listings; hopefully yours!
  • OMREB Realtor tour. We value the collaboration and input of all Realtors and work our best to create a healthy relationship with them. Just like the REMAX tour there is the OMREB local board tour. This gives us the opportunity to further expose your home and get a variety of opinions on its saleability.
  • Information sheets/sign information box. Not everyone is tech savvy. We’ll have an information box with a teaser of your home in it so that buyers who don’t have a smart phone can get a glimpse of it; or if they want to take something to show someone, they can do that too.
  • Videography. We will do a nice 60 second commercial on your home, just enough to build buyer excitement and not so much that they feel they don’t need to see the rest of the house… There is nothing worse than watching yourself on film but we do it for our clients.
  • YouTube channel. YouTube is starting to take on Google as one of the most popular search engines in the World. Plus, most people would rather watch a video than read a description these days. Having your home on YouTube allows us to get an idea of how many people are viewing it online through video channels.
  • LockBox system. The lockbox system is great in that it not only keeps the keys to your home safely secured, behind a technical encryption software system, but it also gives us real-time information of who has been in your home and when.
  • 24 hour accessibility. We are both fulltime professional agents and at all times one or both of us will be accessible to you through phone, text or email. We are always available to speak to you, or anybody else, regarding the sale of your home.
  • Fit To Sell DVD Package. This DVD service gives your some simple but effective way to set the stage and show your home at its best. Remember how you felt when you bought your home? We want to do what we can to make sure potential buyers get that warm happy feeling as well.
  • Buyer pre-qualification. It’s great to expose your home and get a variety of people in to view it but we realize a simple showing request can turn your day upside-down. To help ensure your time isn’t wasted we will do our very best to pre-qualify prospective buyers and their agents. If we know a buyer won’t be interested in your home then why would we bother to disrupt your day.
  • 24 hour showing request. We request 24 hour notice from Realtors for our listings to be shown. Of course there is always an exception for the right buyer in the right circumstances but if we don’t ask for notice we may not get it.
  • Personal tour of competing listings. As a seller your can understand this is not a tool we want to abuse but under the right circumstances we can take you to view competing listings in your area.
  • Epropertysites web page. Not only will your home be on a variety of pages but it will have one of its own as well. This webpage has a back end that helps to track activity on Kijiji, Craigslist and the webpage itself. You can sign-in and view this information whenever you like.
  • referral source. We are connected with the largest group of successful agents in the Country. If your home is appropriate for an out of town buyer we can use this referral source to help bring you together.
  • Community involvement. Wherever we are we are always representing you. It would be hard to represent you well if we hid indoors all day. Not only does community involvement enrich our lives but it also gives us the opportunity to get out there and talk to a person who may be looking for what you have.
  • Realtor incentive. Unlike some of our competition we don’t view other Realtors as our enemies. They’re our sales staff! We know that there are a whole lot more of them than the two of us and that between the 700 of them they’re more likely to have your buyer than us. We want to help get them excited about bringing their buyer to your home.
  • Seller focused negotiating. We focus on helping our clients sell their homes for the most money as quickly as possible. For this reason we refrain from double-ending the sale of our listings (representing both the buyer and the seller) to help ensure we do the best job for our sellers. We are always willing to bring buyers in to view our listings but we will not enter into an agency relationship without your consent.
  • 20 listing focus. As you can probably tell by now, we put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of our listings. By limiting the number of listings our team has to 20 this allows us to do everything that needs to be done for our clients without compromise.
  • Moving service. Facilitate the moving of all your furniture and belongings to its new destination.
  • 50 We just moved! Addressed postcards to let your friends and family know of your big change.
  • A signed cancellation agreement. Upon signing our listing agreement you will also be provided with a sign listing cancellation form. If at any point you feel we have not lived up to anything within the agreed marketing plan you all you need to do is sign the form and drop it off at the REMAX office. No questions necessary. But this won’t happen!

Ultimately we want to do such an outstanding job for you that even if the unthinkable happened, and we didn’t manage to sell your home, you would still readily refer us to your friends and family!




Platinum Listing Package:


(Also Includes-Stipulations Apply)


  • Professional Home Stager Service – To set the stage.
  • Big Steel Box Rental – To help you de-clutter and prepare to move.

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